Azure Service Operator Troubleshooting

Increase Log Level

There is a guide on the ASO controller for aiding you in diagnosing problems.

We recommend temporarily change the Controller’s binary log level from v=2 to v=6. Setting it higher than six prints a lot more things, such as the HTTP requests with headers, and usually doesn’t add more value.

kubectl edit deploy -n azureserviceoperator-system azureserviceoperator-controller-manager
      - name: manager                    
        - --metrics-addr=
        - --health-addr=:8081
        - --enable-leader-election
        - --v=6

Not Updating The Kubernetes Resources

The ASO controller sometimes conflicts when updating the resource status in Kubernetes. The resource in Azure exists, but is not reflected properly in its corresponding Kubernetes resource.

In the logs you will see a 409 conflict message when updating the Kubernetes resource. To resolve this, you can restart the Pod, which will take a few seconds.

kubectl -n azureserviceoperator-system rollout restart deployment azureserviceoperator-controller-manager
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