This topic describes how to use SignalFx Monitoring and Alerting for VMware Tanzu.

Using SignalFx Monitoring and Alerting for VMware Tanzu

Use this integration to stream metrics about VMware Tanzu’s health and performance into SignalFx. The SignalFx Smart Agent provides three primary capabilites within a Pivotal Platform environment:

  • Loggregator Firehose Nozzle - The agent has a monitor within it of type cf-firehose-nozzle that connects to the RLP Gateway service available in PCF 2.4+. Our Ops Manager Tile will deploy the agent with a prepackaged configuration that deploys an instance of the agent with this monitor enabled and is horizontally scalable.

  • Application (PWS) Buildpack - This is useful if you want to directly monitor an application managed by Diego/PWS. It runs the agent within the same container as the application. It can also be used to send APM trace spans from an application to a local agent instance in order to obtain container correlation. See Sidecar Configuration instructions for deployment.

  • Agent BOSH Release - If you want to deploy the agent directly onto deployment VMs, this is the way to go. This can also be used as a BOSH addon if you want to deploy the agent to every instance in the cluster. See BOSH Release Details for more detail.

After installing the tile, get up and running quickly in SignalFx with the following features:

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