Site Recovery Manager adds alarms to the alarms that vCenter Server supports. You can configure Site Recovery Manager alarms to send an email notification, send an SNMP trap, or to run a script on the vCenter Server host.

The Alarms tab in the Site Recovery Manager interface lists all of the Site Recovery Manager alarms. You can edit the settings for each alarm to specify the action for Site Recovery Manager to take when an event triggers the alarm. By default, none of the Site Recovery Manager alarms act until you configure the alarm.


For alarms to send email notifications, you must configure the Mail settings in the vCenter Server Settings menu.


  1. In the left pane, click Sites, and select a site.
  2. Click the Alarms tab to display the list of Site Recovery Manager alarms.
  3. Right-click an alarm and click Edit Settings.
  4. Click the Actions tab.
  5. Click Add to add an action to perform when this alarm is triggered.
  6. Select an action from the drop-down list.
    Option Description
    Send Email The default action. Type an email address in the Value text box.
    Send SNMP Trap Site Recovery Manager sends an SNMP trap if an event triggers the alarm.
    Run Script Type the path to the script to run in the Value text box.
  7. Click the General tab.
  8. Select the Enable this alarm check box to enable the action for this alarm.