With vSphere Replication, you can retain point-in-time snapshots of a virtual machine. You can configure Site Recovery Manager to recover a number of point-in-time (PIT) snapshots of a virtual machine when you run a recovery plan.

You configure the retention of PIT snapshots when you configure vSphere Replication on a virtual machine. For more information about PIT snapshots, see Replicating a Virtual Machine and Enabling Multiple Point in Time Instances.

Note: You cannot use the Site Recovery Manager interface to configure replication that uses point in time (PIT) snapshots. To enable PIT snapshots, configure replication of a virtual machine by using the vSphere Web Client. See Configure Replication for a Single Virtual Machine in vSphere Replication Administration.

Site Recovery Manager only recovers the most recent PIT snapshot during a recovery. To recover older snapshots, you must enable the vrReplication > preserveMpitImagesAsSnapshots option in Advanced Settings in the Site Recovery Manager interface. See Change vSphere Replication Settings.

If you recover a PIT snapshot of a virtual machine for which you have configured IP customization, Site Recovery Manager only applies the customization to the most recent PIT snapshot. If you recover an older PIT snapshot of a virtual machine with IP customization, you must configure the IP settings manually.

Point-in-time recovery is not available with array-based replication.


  1. Configure Site Recovery Manager to retain older PIT snapshots by setting the vrReplication > preserveMpitImagesAsSnapshots option.
  2. Use the vSphere Web Client to configure replication of a virtual machine, selecting the option to retain a number of PIT snapshots.
  3. In the Site Recovery Manager interface, add the virtual machine to a vSphere Replication protection group.
  4. Include the vSphere Replication protection group in a recovery plan.
  5. Run the recovery plan.
    When the recovery plan is finished, the virtual machine is recovered to the recovery site, with the number of PIT snapshots that you configured.
  6. In the VMs and Templates view, right-click the recovered virtual machine and select Snapshot > Snapshot Manager.
  7. Select one of the PIT snapshots of this virtual machine and click Go to.
    The recovered virtual machine reverts to the PIT snapshot that you selected.
  8. (Optional) If you have configured the virtual machine for IP customization, and if you select an older PIT snapshot than the most recent one, manually configure the IP settings on the recovered virtual machine.