In a typical Site Recovery Manager installation, the protected site provides business-critical datacenter services. The recovery site is an alternative facility to which Site Recovery Manager can migrate these services.

The protected site can be any site where vCenter Server supports a critical business need. The recovery site can be located thousands of miles away from the protected site. Conversely, the recovery site can be in the same room as a way of establishing redundancy. The recovery site is usually located in a facility that is unlikely to be affected by environmental, infrastructure, or other disturbances that affect the protected site.

The vSphere configurations at each site must meet requirements for Site Recovery Manager.

  • Each site must have at least one datacenter.

  • If you are using array-based replication, identical replication technologies must be available at both sites and the sites must be paired.

  • The recovery site must have hardware, network, and storage resources that can support the same virtual machines and workloads as the protected site. You can oversubscribe the recovery site by running additional virtual machines there that are not protected. In this case, during a recovery you must suspend non-critical virtual machines on the recovery site.

  • The sites must be connected by a reliable IP network. If you are using array-based replication, ensure that your network connectivity meets the arrays' network requirements.

  • The recovery site should have access to comparable public and private networks as the protected site, although not necessarily the same range of network addresses.