If you configured vSphere Replication to use an external database, you can reconfigure vSphere Replication to use the embedded database.

About this task

The vSphere Replication appliance includes an embedded vPostgreSQL database. The embedded database is preconfigured for use with vSphere Replication and is enabled if you accept the default Performs initial configuration of the appliance using an embedded database option when you deploy the vSphere Replication appliance. If you reconfigured vSphere Replication to use an external database after deployment, you can switch to the embedded database. After switching databases, you must manually configure replications again as the replication management data is not migrated to the database. You can use the reset feature in the embedded database to drop replications, site connections and external vSphere Replication registrations.


  • Verify that the vSphere Replication appliance is powered on.

  • You must have administrator privileges to configure the vSphere Replication appliance.

  • You must have reconfigured vSphere Replication to use an external database.


  1. Connect to the VAMI of the vSphere Replication appliance in a Web browser.

    The URL for the VAMI is https://vr-appliance-address:5480.

    You can also access the VAMI by clicking Configure VR Appliance in the Summary tab in the vSphere Replication view of the Site Recovery Manager interface.

  2. Type the root user name and password for the appliance.

    You configured the root password during the OVF deployment of the vSphere Replication appliance.

  3. Select the VR tab and click Configuration.
  4. Select Configure using the embedded database.
  5. (Optional) Click Reset Embedded Database to reset the database.
  6. Click Save and Restart Service to apply the changes.


You configured vSphere Replication to use the embedded vSphere Replication database.