Connecting to the Site Recovery Manager interface in the vSphere Client fails.


When you click the Site Recovery icon in the Home page of the vSphere Client, the connection to Site Recovery Manager fails with the message:

Connection to local Site Recovery Manager https:SRM_address:8095/dr failed

The Site Recovery Manager logs show a certificate error.

Failed to establish connection to VMware vCenter.
: std::exception 'class Vmacore::Ssl::SSLVerifyException' 
"SSL Exception:
The remote host certificate has these problems:
* The host name used for the connection does not match the subject name on the host certificate
* The host certificate chain is not complete.


This problem can occur if the certificate for vCenter Server does not match the certificate that Site Recovery Manager requires, for example if the certificate for vCenter Server changed since you installed Site Recovery Manager.


Restore the vCenter Server certificate to the certificate that you used when you installed Site Recovery Manager or install a new vCenter Server certificate.