You must configure the upgraded components to establish a working Site Recovery Manager installation.

About this task

Site Recovery Manager 5.5 is a 64-bit application. If you are upgrading from Site Recovery Manager 5.0.x and you use array-based replication, even if you performed an in-place upgrade of Site Recovery Manager, you must install 64-bit storage array adapters (SRA) that are compatible with Site Recovery Manager 5.5.



  1. In the Site Recovery Manager client, select Sites > Summary and click Configure Connection to pair the Site Recovery Manager Server instances.
  2. (Optional) If you use array-based replication, reinstall and reconfigure the SRA on the Site Recovery Manager Server hosts that you upgraded.

    You must perform these tasks on both sites.

    1. Reinstall all SRAs.
    2. Click Rescan SRAs in the Array Managers > SRAs tab.
    3. Reconfigure all array managers with the correct credentials.