The Site Recovery Manager Server requires a license key to operate. Install a Site Recovery Manager license key as soon as possible after you install Site Recovery Manager.

About this task

Site Recovery Manager uses the vSphere licensing infrastructure for license management. Additionally, vSphere itself needs to be licensed sufficiently for Site Recovery Manager to protect and recover virtual machines.


  1. Open a vSphere Client and connect to a vCenter Server instance on which Site Recovery Manager is installed.
  2. On the vSphere Client Home page, click Licensing.
  3. For the View by mode, select Product.
  4. Click Manage vSphere Licenses.
  5. On the Add License Keys page, enter the Site Recovery Manager license key in the vSphere license keys text box, type an optional label for the key, and click Add License Keys.
  6. Review the details of the Site Recovery Manager license and click Next.
  7. Click the Solutions tab in the Assign Licenses page.
  8. Select VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager in the Asset panel.
  9. Select the Site Recovery Manager license key from the list of available licenses, and click Next.
  10. Click Next to skip the Remove License Keys page.
  11. Click Finish to confirm the license changes.

What to do next

Repeat the process to assign Site Recovery Manager license keys to all appropriate vCenter Server instances.