You might encounter problems restoring a SQL database on a 32-bit target virtual machine when you upgrade or migrate Site Recovery Manager.


If you use an SQL Express database and upgrade or migrate Site Recovery Manager to a new database server, restoring the database on a 32-bit operating system might fail.

Use Attach rather than Restore when you migrate the SQL Express database on the 64-bit target virtual machine rather than on a 32-bit target virtual machine.

If you use SQL Express bundled with vCenter Server, note the following conditions:

  • If you uninstall vCenter Server, SQL Express is also removed and you lose all your Site Recovery Manager data.

  • Create and manage a separate database instance in the SQL Express server. Site Recovery Manager does not install on a database, that is pointed to by a DSN that contains vCenter Server data, regardless of database vendor, version, or edition.


  1. To install SQL Express and migrate the database during Site Recovery Manager upgrade, stop the Site Recovery Manager service and back up your database.
  2. Install SQL Express on the new host or virtual machine.
  3. Copy the backup file to the new host or virtual machine and restore the database from it.
  4. Create a system DSN that points to the restored database.
  5. Install Site Recovery Manager and select Use existing database for both migration and upgrade.