You uninstall vSphere Replication by unregistering the appliance from vCenter Server and removing it from your environment.


  • Verify that the vSphere Replication virtual appliance is powered on.

  • Stop all existing outgoing or incoming replications to the site.

  • Disconnect any connections to other vSphere Replication sites.


  1. Connect to the VAMI of the vSphere Replication appliance in a Web browser.

    The URL for the VAMI is https://vr-appliance-address:5480.

    You can also access the VAMI by clicking Configure VR Appliance in the Summary tab in the vSphere Replication view of the Site Recovery Manager interface.

  2. Select the Configuration tab.
  3. Click Unregister from vCenter Server.
  4. In the vSphere Client, power off and delete the vSphere Replication appliance.


You removed vSphere Replication from your environment.