After you pair the protected site and recovery site, configure their respective array managers so that Site Recovery Manager can discover replicated devices, compute datastore groups, and initiate storage operations.

About this task

You typically configure array managers only once, after you connect the sites. You do not need to reconfigure them unless array manager connection information or credentials change, or you want to use a different set of arrays.



  1. Select Array Managers in the Site Recovery Manager interface, and select the site on which you want to configure array managers.
  2. Click the Summary tab and click Add Array Manager.
  3. Type a name for the array in the Display Name text box.

    Use a descriptive name that makes it easy for you to identify the storage associated with this array manager.

  4. Select the array manager type that you want Site Recovery Manager to use from the SRA Type drop-down menu.

    If no manager type appears, rescan for SRAs or check that you have installed an SRA on the Site Recovery Manager Server host.

  5. Provide the required information for the type of SRA you selected.

    The SRA creates these text boxes. For more information about how to fill in these text boxes, see the documentation that your SRA vendor provides. Text boxes vary between SRAs, but common text boxes include IP address, protocol information, mapping between array names and IP addresses, and user name and password.

  6. Click Finish.
  7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 to configure an array manager for the recovery site.
  8. Select an array in the Array Managers panel and click the Array Pairs tab.
  9. (Optional) Click Refresh to scan for new array pairs.
  10. Select an array pair in the Discovered Array Pairs panel, and click Enable.

    If you have added array managers, but no array pairs are visible, click Refresh to collect the latest information about array pairs.