You can cancel a recovery plan test whenever the status is test in progress or failover in progress.

About this task

When you cancel a test or recovery, Site Recovery Manager does not start processes, and uses certain rules to stop processes that are in progress. Canceling a failover requires you to re-run the failover.

  • Processes that cannot be stopped, such as powering on or waiting for a heartbeat, run to completion before the cancellation finishes.

  • Processes that add or remove storage devices are undone by cleanup operations if you cancel.

The time it takes to cancel a test or recovery depends on the type and number of processes that are currently in progress.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, select Site Recovery > Recovery Plans, and select a recovery plan.
  2. Right-click the recovery plan and select Cancel. You can also cancel the plan from the Recovery Steps tab.

What to do next

Run a cleanup after canceling a test.