You can monitor the status of a virtual machine in a protection group and determine the operation that is allowed in each state.

Table 1. Virtual Machine Protection States
State Description
Placeholder VM Not Found You deleted the placeholder virtual machine. The Restore Placeholder icon is enabled.
Original protected VM not found You deleted the original production virtual machine after failover and before reprotect. The Restore Placeholder icon is enabled.
Datastore name used by VM is missing from group The virtual machine requires a datastore that is not in the protection group. Edit the protection group to include the datastore.
Datastore name used by VM is protected in a different group The virtual machine requires a datastore that is in a different protection group. Remove the datastore from the other protection group and edit the current protection group to include the datastore. You cannot include a datastore in two protection groups.
Device not found: device name You added an unreplicated disk or device to a protected virtual machine. You must edit the replication of the virtual machine either include or remove the device from protection.
Mapping missing: Folder name; Network name ; Resource pool name Folder, resource pool, or network mappings are not configured for this VM. Fix the inventory mappings for the site or manually configure the virtual machine.
Placeholder VM creation error: error string from server Error during placeholder virtual machine creation.
OK The protected virtual machine exists, and both provider and placeholder status are clean.
Invalid: error The virtual machine is not valid because the home datastore is not replicated or the virtual machine has been deleted. The error string from the server contains the details. Remove protection from the virtual machine manually.
Not configured You added a new virtual machine after creating the protection group. Use Configure All to configure protection on the virtual machine.
Error: error

Error can be one of the following:

  • Recovery site resource pool, folder, or network are not in the same datacenter.
  • Placeholder datastore not found.
  • Any vCenter Server error that occurred when creating placeholder, such as connection or permission problems.
Configuring protection Virtual machine operation.
Removing protection Virtual machine operation.
Restoring placeholder Virtual machine operation.
Loading Appears briefly while the interface is loading until the virtual machine status appears.
Mapping Conflict Site Recovery Manager Server reported an inventory conflict. The resource pool and folder of the virtual machine are in different datacenters.
Replication Error vSphere Replication reports an error about the virtual machine.
Replication Warning vSphere Replication reports a warning about the virtual machine.