You can customize IP settings manually for individual virtual machines for both the protected site and the recovery site.

About this task


Virtual machines with manually defined IP customization are not subject to the IP Mapping Rule evaluation during recovery. Manually-specified IP configuration takes precedence over IP mapping rules.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, select Site Recovery > Recovery Plans, and select a recovery plan.
  2. On the Related Objects tab, click Virtual Machines.
  3. Right-click a virtual machine and click Configure Recovery.
  4. Click the IP Customization tab and select Manual IP customization.
  5. Select the NIC for which you want to modify IP Settings.
  6. Click Configure Protection or Configure Recovery, depending on whether you want to configure IP settings on the protected site or on the recovery site.
  7. Click the General tab to configure settings.
    1. Choose the type of addressing to be used.

      Available options include DHCP, static IPv4, or static IPv6.

    2. For static addresses, enter an IP address, subnet information, and gateway server addresses.

      Alternately, if the virtual machine is powered on and has VMware Tools installed, you can click Retrieve to import current settings configured on the virtual machine.

  8. Click the DNS tab to configure DNS settings.
    1. Choose how DNS servers are found.

      You can use DHCP to find DNS servers or you can specify primary and alternate DNS servers.

    2. Enter a DNS suffix and click Add or select an existing DNS suffix and click Remove, Move Up, or Move Down.
  9. Click the WINS tab to enter primary and secondary WINS addresses.

    The WINS tab is available only when configuring DHCP or IPv4 addresses for Windows virtual machines.

  10. Repeat 6 through 9 to configure recovery site or protected site settings, if required.

    For example, if you configured IP settings for the protected site, you might want to configure settings for the recovery site.

  11. Repeat the configuration process for other NICs, as required.