By default, Site Recovery Manager checks arrays for changes to device configurations by rescanning arrays every 24 hours. However, you can force an array rescan at any time.

About this task

You can reconfgure the frequency with which Site Recovery Manager performs regular array scans by changing the storage.minDsGroupComputationInterval option in Advanced Settings. See Change Storage Settings .

Configuring array managers causes Site Recovery Manager to compute datastore groups based on the set of replicated storage devices that it discovers. If you change the configuration of the array at either site to add or remove devices, Site Recovery Manager must rescan the arrays and recompute the datastore groups.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, click Site Recovery > Array Based Replication.
  2. Select an array.
  3. In the Manage tab, select Array Pairs.

    The Array Pairs tab provides information about all the storage devices in the array, including the local device name, the device it is paired with, the direction of replication, the protection group to which the device belongs, whether the datastore is local or remote, and the consistency group ID for each SRA device.

  4. Right-click an array pair and select Discover Devices to rescan the arrays and recompute the datastore groups.