You can use Admission Control on a cluster to reserve resources on the recovery site.

However, using Admission Control can affect disaster recovery by preventing Site Recovery Manager from powering on virtual machines when running a recovery plan. Admission Control can prevent virtual machines from powering on if powering them on would violate the relevant Admission Control constraints.

You can add a command step to a recovery plan to run a PowerCLI script that disables Admission Control during the recovery. See Creating Custom Recovery Steps for information about creating command steps.

  1. Create a pre-power on command step in the recovery plan that runs a PowerCLI script to disable Admission Control.
    Get-Cluster cluster_name | Set-Cluster -HAAdmissionControlEnabled:$false
  2. Create a post-power on command step in the recovery plan to reenable Admission Control after the virtual machine powers on.
    Get-Cluster cluster_name | Set-Cluster -HAAdmissionControlEnabled:$true

If you disable Admission Control during recovery, you must manually reenable Admission Control after you perform cleanup following a test recovery. Disabling Admission Control might affect the ability of High Availability to restart virtual machines on the recovery site. Do not disable Admission Control for prolonged periods.