If you change advanced recovery settings for protected virtual machines, the new settings do not take effect until the virtual machines are reconfigured.

You can more conveniently update recovery settings by using the Protection Groups feature when you apply settings to multiple virtual machines, although it can be used for a single virtual machine. You can select all of the virtual machines in a protection group and update the settings all at once.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, click Site Recovery > Protection Groups.
  2. Select the protection group to which the virtual machines belong.
  3. On the Related Objects tab, click Virtual Machines.
  4. Select the virtual machine and click Remove Protection.
    The virtual machine status changes to Not Configured.
  5. Click Configure All to reconfigure all virtual machines in the protection group, or select a virtual machine and click Configure Protection to reconfigure only that virtual machine.

What to do next

To apply recovery settings to a virtual machine in a recovery plan, see Apply Recovery Settings to Virtual Machines in a Recovery Plan.