During test recovery, planned migration, and reprotect of recovery plans that contain vSphere Replication protection groups, the virtual machine synchronization step fails with an error.


  1. Log in to the Site Recovery Manager Server host.
  2. Open the vmware-dr.xml file in a text editor.

    You find the vmware-dr.xml file in the C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager\config folder.

  3. Add a <topology><drTaskCleanupTime> element to the vmware-dr.xml file.

    You can add the <topology> element anywhere at the top level in the <Config> tags. Set the value of <drTaskCleanupTime> to at least 300 seconds. If you set the logging level to trivia, set <drTaskCleanupTime> to 1000 seconds.

  4. Save and close the vmware-dr.xml file.
  5. Restart the Site Recovery Manager Server service to apply the new settings.