When many virtual machines perform boot operations at the same time, you might see errors during array-based and vSphere Replication recovery.


When powering on many virtual machines simultaneously on the recovery site, you might see these errors in the recovery history reports:

  • The command 'echo "Starting IP customization on Windows ..." > > % VMware_GuestOp_OutputFile%.

  • Cannot complete customization, possibly due to a scripting runtime error or invalid script parameters.

  • An error occurred when uploading files to the guest VM.

  • Timed out waiting for VMware Tools after 600 seconds.


By default, Site Recovery Manager does not limit the number of power-on operations that can be performed simultaneously. If you encounter errors while virtual machines power on on the recovery site, you can modify the vmware-dr.xml file to set a limit on the number of virtual machines that power on simultaneously.

If you encounter these errors, limit the number of power-on operations on the recovery site according to the capacity of your environment for a standalone host or for a cluster.


  1. On the recovery server, go to C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager\config.
  2. Open the vmware-dr.xml file in a text editor.
  3. Update the defaultMaxBootAndShutdownOpsPerCluster and defaultMaxBootAndShutdownOpsPerHost values to limit the number of power-on operations at the recovery site.

    The following example shows how to limit the number of power-on operations to a maximum of 32 per cluster and 4 per standalone host.

  4. Restart the Site Recovery Manager Server service.