You protected the virtual machines in Datastore A and created a recovery plan using the Site Recovery Manager interface. The next step is to add the protection group to a recovery plan to include it in a recovery run.

Before you begin

  • Connect to Protected Site A by using the Orchestrator client.

  • Verify that you ran the Login Remote Site workflow for the current Orchestrator client session.

  • Protect the virtual machines associated with the protection group. See User Scenario: Protect All Unprotected Virtual Machines Associated with a Protection Group.

  • Create a recovery plan called YourCo RP using the Site Recovery Manager interface in the vSphere Web Client. See the Create a Recovery Plan topic in the Site Recovery Manager documentation center. You can run the List Recovery Plans workflow to check whether YourCo RP exists.

About this task

In this scenario you add the YourCo ABR Protection Group to the YourCo RP recovery plan.


You run the current workflow on Protected Site A.


  1. In the Orchestrator client left pane, click the Workflows view.
  2. Select Library > SRM > Recovery Plans.
  3. Run the Add Protection Group to Recovery Plan workflow.
    1. Right-click the workflow and select Start workflow.
    2. Under the Recovery Plan setting click Not set and select YourCo RP.
    3. Under the Protection Group setting click Not Set and select YourCo ABR Protection Group to add.
    4. Click Submit.

What to do next

Configure the virtual machines recovery settings. See User Scenario: Set Virtual Machine Recovery Settings.