You specified how Site Recovery Manager maps the resources between the two sites. The next step is to create protection groups to enable Site Recovery Manager to protect virtual machines.

Before you begin

  • Connect to Protected Site A by using the Orchestrator client.

  • Verify that you ran the Login Remote Site workflow for the current Orchestrator client session.

  • Verify that you ran the inventory mapping workflows. See User Scenario: Configure Inventory Mappings.

  • Verify that YourCo ABR Protection Group does not exist by running the List Protection Groups workflow .

  • Verify that Datastore A is not part of an existing protection group. You can run the Find ABR Protection Group by Datastore, Get Unassigned Replicated Datastores, and List Protected Datastores workflows to check which protection group the Datastore A is assigned to.

About this task

In this scenario you create a protection group for Datastore A to protect YourCo Web VM, YourCo App VM, and YourCo DB VM.


You run the current workflow on Protected Site A.


  1. In the Orchestrator client left pane, click the Workflows view.
  2. Select Library > SRM > Protection Groups.
  3. Run the Create Protection Group for Array Based Replication workflow.
    1. Right-click the workflow and select Start workflow.
    2. Under the Protection Folder setting click Not set and select the Protections Group folder.
    3. Enter a name and description.

      For this scenario enter, YourCo ABR Protection Group.

    4. Under the Datastores setting click Not Set, click Insert value, and select Datastore A.

      You can select Datastore A if it is not assigned to another protection group.

    5. Click Submit.

What to do next

Protect the virtual machines associated with the protection group. See User Scenario: Protect All Unprotected Virtual Machines Associated with a Protection Group.