Site Recovery Manager can suspend virtual machines on the recovery site during a recovery and a test recovery.

About this task

Suspending virtual machines on the recovery site is useful in active-active datacenter environments and where non-critical workloads run on recovery sites. By suspending any virtual machines that host non-critical workloads on the recovery site, Site Recovery Manager frees capacity for the recovered virtual machines. Site Recovery Manager resumes virtual machines that are suspended during a failover operation when the failover runs in the opposite direction.

You can only add virtual machines to suspend at the recovery site.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, select Site Recovery > Recovery Plans, and select a recovery plan.
  2. In the Monitor tab, click Recovery Steps.
  3. Right-click Suspend Non-critical VMs at Recovery Site and select Add Non-Critical VM.
  4. Select virtual machines on the recovery site to suspend during a recovery.
  5. Click OK.


Site Recovery Manager suspends the virtual machines on the recovery site when the recovery plan runs.