You can apply an IP customization rule to the recovery settings of a protected virtual machine.

When you apply an IP customization rule, you specify a single subnet IP mapping rule for each network mapping.

If you set the advanced setting option recovery.useIpMapperAutomatically to True and configure the IP mapping rule for virtual networks, then Site Recovery Manager evaluates the subnet IP mapping rules during recovery to customize the virtual machines. If you set this option to False, Site Recovery Manager does not evaluate the IP mapping rules during recovery. You can override the effect of this option for each virtual machine by using the IP Customization option.

The recovery.useIpMapperAutomatically default option is True. If you set it to Auto, Site Recovery Manager customizes the virtual machine by using the IP Customization rule.


For the list of guest operating systems for which Site Recovery Manager supports IP customization, see the Compatibility Matrixes for Site Recovery Manager 6.5 at


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, select Site Recovery > Recovery Plans.
  2. On the Related Objects tab, click Virtual Machines.
  3. Right-click a virtual machine and click Configure Recovery.
  4. Click IP Customization.
  5. From the IP customization mode list, select Use IP customization rules if applicable and click OK.