The workflow registers Site Recovery Manager sites with the plug-in to provide access to the Site Recovery Manager and vCenter Server inventory.

The workflow requires that your vCenter Server is registered with your Orchestrator client. For information about how to configure your Orchestrator to work with a vSphere environment, see the Configuring vRealize Orchestrator section in the Installing and Configuring VMware Realize Orchestrator documentation. In case the vCenter Server is not registered with Orchestrator, the plug-in is unable to get the Site Recovery Manager URL and cannot import the Site Recovery Manager certificate.

Registering a Site Recovery Manager site as a local site in the plug-in defines the functional direction of workflows for that site. For example, running inventory mapping workflows on a local site maps inventory objects from the local sites to inventory objects on the remote site. You can register as local sites both Site Recovery Manager protected and recovery sites in a single Orchestrator instance. This requires that both vCenter Server are registered with the Orchestrator client. You can then run the rest of the available workflows from the chosen direction for both sites from a single Orchestrator client.

Table 1. Configure Local Sites workflow inputs



Platform Services Controller

IP or host name of the local Platform Services Controller


Port of the local site (default value is set to 443)


Path to Lookup Service

User name

User name for local Site


Password for local Site