Site Recovery Manager can protect virtual machines that are attached to NSX networks present on the protected and recovery site without having to configure inventory mappings.

VMware NSX supports Universal Logical Switches which allow for the creation of layer-2 networks that span vCenter Server boundaries. When using Universal Logical Switches with NSX, there will be a virtual port group at both the protected and recovery site that connect to the same layer-2 network. This means that when using storage policy protection groups and a Universal Logical Switch, you do not need to specify any network mapping. Site Recovery Manager works with VMware NSX to automatically map the virtual machine to the correct network at the recovery site.

You can override auto-mapping by manually configuring network mappings on stretched networks. Enhanced Linked Mode and non- Enhanced Linked Mode topologies are supported.


  • Auto-mapping for NSX universal wires is only supported with storage policy protection groups and Universal Logical Switches.
  • For virtual machine protection groups, you must explicitly configure network mapping between the two ends of the universal wire to ensure that the virtual machines recover on the same universal wire.
  • This feature is only supported for a full recovery. Test failover must be done manually.

See Configure Inventory Mappings for details.