With inventory mappings you can configure how Site Recovery Manager maps virtual machine resources on the protected site to resources on the recovery site. Inventory mappings provide default objects in the inventory on the recovery site for the recovered virtual machines to use when you run recovery.

For array-based replication and vSphere Replication, if you configure site-wide inventory mappings before you create protection groups, these mappings are used by default for all protected virtual machines. Site Recovery Manager applies the site-wide mappings to all virtual machines in an array-based replication protection group or a vSphere Replication protection group when you create the protection group. You can set site-wide inventory mappings between corresponding objects on the protected and recovery sites:

  • Networks, including test networks

  • Datacenters or virtual machine folders

  • Resource pools, standalone hosts, vApps, or clusters


Recovery site resource pool, folder, or network must be in the same remote datacenter.