Site Recovery Manager plug-in provides Configuration, Inventory Mappings, Protection Groups, Site Recovery Manager Samples, and Storage workflows

Table 1. Configuration workflows


Description of Operation

Configure Local Sites

Gets Site Recovery Manager URL, validates connection, imports certificate, and registers local sites associated with the local or provided Platform Services Controller

Configure Remote Site

Gets remote lookup service URL, imports certificate, gets remote vCenter Server URL, and imports certificate

Login Remote Site

Logs in to remote site

Remove Local Sites

Removes local site

Table 2. Inventory Mapping workflows


Description of Operation

Add Folder Mapping

Adds folder mapping between paired sites

Add Network Mapping

Adds network mapping between paired sites

Add Resource Mapping

Adds resource pool mapping between paired sites

Add Test Network Mapping

Adds test network mapping to remote site

Get Folder Mappings

Lists folder mappings for local site

Get Network Mappings

Lists network mappings for local site

Get Resource Mappings

Lists resource mappings for local site

Get Test Network Mappings

Lists test network mappings for remote site

Remove Folder Mapping

Removes folder mapping from local site

Remove Network Mapping

Removes network mapping from local site

Remove Resource Mapping

Removes resource mapping from local site

Remove Test Network Mapping

Removes remote test network mapping

Table 3. Protection Group workflows


Description of Operation

Add Replicated VM to vSphere Replication Protection Group

Adds selected replicated virtual machine to existing vSphere Replication protection group

Create Protection Group for Array Based Replication

Creates array-based replication protection group based on unassigned replicated datastore

Create Protection Group for vSphere Replication

Creates vSphere Replication protection group and adds virtual machines to the protection group

Find ABR Protection Group by Datastore

Lists array-based replication protection groups on local site

Get Unassigned Replicated Datastores

Lists unassigned replicated datastores on local site

List Protected Datastores

Lists replicated datastores in protection group

List Protection Groups

Lists protection groups on local site

Protect All Unprotected Virtual Machines Associated with Protection Group

Enables protection for all unprotected virtual machines members of a protection group

Protect Virtual Machine

Enables protection for unprotected virtual machine member of a protection group

Remove Protection Group

Removes protection group

Remove Replicated VM from vSphere Replication Protection Group

Removes selected virtual machine from vSphere Replication protection group

Unprotect Virtual Machines

Disables protection for the selected virtual machines

Table 4. Recovery Plan workflows


Description of Operation

Add Protection Group to Recovery Plan

Adds protection group to recovery plan

Add Test Network Mapping to Recovery Plan

Adds test network mapping to recovery plan

Create Recovery Plan

Creates recovery plan

Delete Recovery Plan

Deletes recovery plan

Get Recovery Plan State

Lists recovery plan state

Initiate Cancel Recovery Plan

Cancels running recovery plan

Initiate Cleanup Recovery Plan

Clean ups recovery plan after test

Initiate Failover Recovery Plan

Starts fail over to recovery site process

Initiate Planned Migration Recovery Plan

Starts planned migration to recovery site

Initiate Reprotect Recovery Plan

Starts reprotect of site and reverses protection

Initiate Test Recovery Plan

Starts test of recovery plan

List Recovery Plans

Lists recovery plans

Remove Protection Group from Recovery Plan

Removes protection group from recovery plan

Remove Test Network Mapping from Recovery Plan

Removes test network mapping from recovery plan

Set VM Recovery Settings

Sets priority group, power state, pre power on commands and prompts, and post power on commands and prompts for a virtual machine in a recovery plan

Table 5. Site Recovery Manager Sample workflows


Description of Operation

Convert Multiple VMs to UnassignedReplicatedVMs

Converts multiple vCenter Server objects into Site Recovery Manager objects

Convert VM to UnassignedReplicatedVM

Converts single vCenter Server object into Site Recovery Manager object

Create ABR Group, Protect Existing VMs, Add to Recovery Plan

Creates array-based protection group, protects virtual machines in the protection group, and adds the protection group to a recovery plan

Create VM and Protect It

Creates a virtual machine with specified configuration and adds it to a protection group

Wait Task End

Monitors task execution

Table 6. Storage workflows


Description of Operation

Discover Replicated Devices

Initiates discover replicated devices operation for all available array pairs