The Site Recovery Manager upgrade procedure preserves information from existing installations.

Site Recovery Manager preserves settings and configurations that you created for the previous release.

  • Datastore groups
  • Protection groups
  • Inventory mappings
  • Recovery plans
  • IP customizations for individual virtual machines
  • Custom roles and their memberships
  • Site Recovery Manager object permissions in vSphere
  • Custom alarms and alarm actions
  • Test plan histories
  • Security certificates
  • Mass IP customization files (CSVs)

During an upgrade, Site Recovery Manager does not retain any advanced settings that you configured in the previous installation. This is by design.

Important: During an upgrade, Site Recovery Manager preserves only protection groups and recovery plans that are in a valid state.

Site Recovery Manager License

During an upgrade from one major version to another, for example from 8.2 to 8.3 or later, Site Recovery Manager reverts to an evaluation license. After the upgrade, you must reinstall your Site Recovery Manager license key.