When running several recovery or reprotect operations simultaneously in both directions, the operation fails with an error about a nonreplicated virtual machine configuration file.


When you run several recovery plans simultaneously that contain array-based replication protection groups or storage policy protection groups, with some operations running from site A to site B, and some operations running from site B to site A, some or all of the plans fail with the error Cannot protect virtual machine 'virtual_machine_name' because its config file 'virtual_machine_config_file.vmx' is located on a non-replicated or non-protected datastore.


This problem can occur because datastore computation on a site is delayed by the recovery operations that are running in the opposite direction.


Wait until some of the operations have completed and rerun the operation on the recovery plans that failed. Alternatively, run all planned migrations in the same direction together. When the planned migrations have finished, run the planned migrations in the opposite direction.