If you plan to use Site Recovery Manager for array-based replication, you must add Storage Replication Adapters (SRA) to the Site Recovery Manager Server. The SRA files are distributed as .tar.gz archives.

You must install an appropriate SRA on the Site Recovery Manager Server hosts at the protected and recovery sites. If you use more than one type of storage array, you must install the SRA for each type of array on both of the Site Recovery Manager Server hosts.


  • Download the SRA. Go to https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/downloads, select VMware Site Recovery Manager > Download Product, and then select Drivers & Tools > Storage Replication Adapters > Go to Downloads.
  • If you obtain an SRA from a different vendor site, verify that it is certified for the Site Recovery Manager release you are using. See the VMware Compatibility Guide for Site Recovery Manager at http://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/search.php?deviceCategory=sra.
  • Enable the storage array's capability to create snapshot copies of the replicated devices. See your SRA documentation.


  1. Log in to the Site Recovery Manager Appliance Management Interface as admin.
  2. In the Site Recovery Manager Appliance Management Interface, click Storage Replication Adapters, and click New Adapter.
  3. Click Upload, navigate to the directory where you saved the SRA file, and select it.
  4. When the process finishes, click Close.
    The Storage Replication Adapter card appears in the Site Recovery Manager Appliance Management Interface.
  5. Log in to the vSphere Client or the vSphere Web Client.
  6. Click Site Recovery > Open Site Recovery, select a site pair, and click View Details.
  7. In the Site Pair tab, go to Configure > Array Based Replication > Storage Replication Adapters , and click the Rescan Adapters button.