Site Recovery Manager supports automatic placeholder datastore selection.

A datastore is suitable for placeholder virtual machines when it meets certain criteria.
  • The datastore is not replicated.
  • The datastore is mounted with read/write permissions.
  • The datastore has enough free space. For more information about the minimum required free space , see Change Replication Settings.
  • The datastore is accessible from all hosts in the compute resource.
  • The automatic protection user has read/write permissions on the datastore. For more information about the user account, see Change the Automatic Protection Settings.

Site Recovery Manager triggers automatic placeholder datastore selection when you pair your Site Recovery Manager instance with a remote Site Recovery Manager site or when you change replication.automaticPlaceholderDatastoreSelection from deactivated to activated. When you change the replication.automaticPlaceholderDatastoreSelection advanced setting from activated to deactivated, all automatically selected placeholder datastores are removed from the list without affecting the existing virtual machines protection.