When you start a test recovery or a recovery, some SRAs send responses to Site Recovery Manager before a promoted storage device on the recovery site is available to the ESXi hosts. Site Recovery Manager rescans the storage devices and the rescan fails.


If storage devices are not fully available yet, ESXi Server does not detect them and Site Recovery Manager does not find the replicated devices when it rescans. This can cause several problems.

  • Datastores are not created and recovered virtual machines cannot be found.
  • ESXi hosts become unresponsive to vCenter Server heartbeat and disconnect from vCenter Server. If this happens,vCenter Server sends an error to Site Recovery Manager and a test recovery or real recovery fails.
  • The ESXi host is available, but rescanning and disk resignaturing exceed the Site Recovery Manager or vCenter Server timeouts, resulting in a Site Recovery Manager error.


The storage devices are not ready when Site Recovery Manager starts the rescan.


To delay the start of storage rescans until the storage devices are available on the ESXi hosts, increase the storageProvider.hostRescanDelaySec setting to a value between 20 and 180 seconds. See Change Storage Provider Settings.