You can perform reprotect only if you meet certain preconditions.

You can perform reprotect on recovery plans that contain array-based replication protection groups and vSphere Replication protection groups.

Before you can run reprotect, you must satisfy the preconditions.

  1. Run a planned migration and make sure that all steps of the recovery plan finish successfully. If errors occur during the recovery, resolve the problems that caused the errors and rerun the recovery. When you rerun a recovery, operations that succeeded previously are skipped. For example, successfully recovered virtual machines are not recovered again and continue running without interruption.
  2. The original protected site must be available. The vCenter Server instances, ESXi Servers, Site Recovery Manager Server instances, and corresponding databases must all be recoverable.
  3. If you performed a disaster recovery operation, you must perform a planned migration when both sites are running again. If errors occur during the attempted planned migration, you must resolve the errors and rerun the planned migration until it succeeds.

Reprotect is not available under certain circumstances.

  • If the recovery plans cannot finish without errors. For reprotect to be available, all steps of the recovery plan must finish successfully.
  • You cannot restore the original site, for example if a physical catastrophe destroys the original site. To unpair and recreate the pairing of protected and recovery sites, both sites must be available. If you cannot restore the original protected site, you must reinstall Site Recovery Manager on the protected and recovery sites.