VMware Site Recovery Manager REST API Gateway provides an API access to the Site Recovery Manager functionality and allows you to programmatically perform various Site Recovery Manager tasks without the use of the Site Recovery user interface.

System Requirements to use the Site Recovery Manager REST API Gateway

To use the public REST APIs you must have an installation of Site Recovery Manager 8.6 or later.

Before you run any REST APIs to or from a target site, verify that you have created a session to the desired vCenter Server instance.

Note: In a federated environment with linked vCenter Server instances, when you log in to the REST API gateway local site this will automatically log you in to the remote site. You do not have to make a POST /remote-session request. It is not possible to log in to the remote site with a different user name.

Site Recovery Manager REST API Gateway Documentation

The Site Recovery Manager REST APIs introduce end-to-end automation for Site Recovery Manager.
  • Ability to create, edit, delete Protection Groups and Recovery Plans.
  • Get protection and recovery settings for VMs.
  • Create, modify Inventory Mappings, IP customization, Resource Mappings.
  • Reconfigure Recovery settings for VMs - Add/Edit/Delete Callouts and Prompts, Set/Get priority and dependencies.
  • Recovery plans execution - Test, Planned Migration, Failover, Re-protect, and Failback.
  • Full set of APIs to configure and manage VMware Site Recovery Manager appliance.

To access the Site Recovery Manager REST API Gateway documentation and guidelines, see https://developer.broadcom.com/xapis/vmware-site-recovery-manager-rest-api-gateway/latest/.