A certificate signing request (CSR) is an encrypted text file that contains specific information, such as organization name, common name, locality, and country. You send the CSR file to a certificate authority (CA) to apply for a digital identity certificate.

You generate a CSR and a matching private key. The private key remains on the Site Recovery Manager Appliance.

Attention: Generating a new private key invalidates any existing CSR configuration.


  1. Log in to the Site Recovery Manager Appliance Management Interface as admin.
  2. Click the Access tab.
  3. In the Certificate pane, click Generate CSR.
  4. Enter text values for your organization and organization unit, typically your company name, and the name of your group in the company.
  5. Accept the default FQDN and IP values and click Generate and download.

What to do next

To submit a certificate request to the CA in accordance with the CA enrollment process, use the contents of the CSR file.

The CA creates a server certificate based on the information in the CSR file, signs it with its private key, and sends you the certificate, which you can then import to the Site Recovery Manager Appliance.