If the protection status of an array-based, Virtual Volumes, or vSphere Replication protection group is Not Configured, you can configure protection for all the unconfigured virtual machines by using existing site-wide inventory mappings.

The status of a protection group can be Not Configured for several reasons:

  • You did not configure site-wide inventory mappings before you created the protection group.
  • You did not configure placeholder datastore mappings before you created the protection group.
  • You added virtual machines to a protection group after you created it.
  • Virtual machines lost their protection, possibly because you reconfigured them after you added them to a protection group. For example, you added or removed virtual disks or devices.



  1. In the vSphere Client, click Site Recovery > Open Site Recovery.
  2. On the Site Recovery home tab, select a site pair, and click View Details.
  3. Click the Protection Groups tab, click a protection group, and on the right pane, click the Virtual Machines tab.
  4. Click the Configure All VMs button.
    At least one virtual machine in the protection group must be in the Not Configured state for the Configure All VMs button to be active.
  5. Click Yes to confirm that you want to apply inventory mappings to all unconfigured virtual machines.
  6. Monitor the status of the virtual machines. If Site Recovery Manager was unable to apply some or all inventory mappings, or if it was unable to create placeholders for virtual machines, you can perform remedial actions.
    Status Action
    OK No action required
    Not Configured or Mapping Missing Check the inventory mappings and click Configure All VMs again
    Placeholder VM creation error
    Check the placeholder datastore mapping and try to recreate the placeholder virtual machines.
    • To recreate the placeholder for an individual virtual machine, right-click a virtual machine and select Recreate Placeholder.
    • To recreate the placeholder for several virtual machines, right-click the protection group and select Restore Placeholder VMs.