ESXi hosts use a logical I/O proxy, called protocol endpoint, to communicate with virtual volumes and virtual disk files that virtual volumes encapsulate. Protocol endpoints are exported, along with associated storage containers, by the storage system through a storage provider. Protocol endpoints become visible in the vSphere Client after you map a storage container to a Virtual Volumes datastore. You can review properties of protocol endpoints and modify specific settings.


  1. Navigate to the host.
  2. Click the Configure tab.
  3. Under Storage, click Protocol Endpoints.
  4. To view details for a specific item, select this item from the list.
  5. Use tabs under Protocol Endpoint Details to access additional information and modify properties for the selected protocol endpoint.
    Tab Description
    Properties View the item properties and characteristics. For SCSI (block) items, view and edit multipathing policies.
    Paths (SCSI protocol endpoints only) Display paths available for the protocol endpoint. Deactivate or activate a selected path. Change the Path Selection Policy.
    Datastores Display a corresponding Virtual Volumes datastore. Perform datastore management operations.