Use the Managed Object Browser (MOB) to clean up the old Site Recovery Manager registration in Lookup Service after deleting the Site Recovery Manager Appliance.

If you delete the Site Recovery Manager Appliance before you unregister it from the environment, you cannot use the Site Recovery Manager virtual appliance management interface (VAMI) to unregister Site Recovery Manager from vCenter Server.


Verify that you have the credentials of a vSphere administrator.


  1. Log in with vCenter Server credentials to https://<vCenter_Server_address>/lookupservice/mob/?moid=ServiceRegistration&method=List&vmodl=1.
  2. To search for the Site Recovery Manager registrations, replace the value in the Value field with the following text and click Invoke Method.
  3. Look for the old Site Recovery Manager registration and copy its serviceId value.
  4. Navigate to https://<vCenter_Server_address>/lookupservice/mob/?moid=ServiceRegistration&method=Delete.
  5. To delete the service registration, enter the serviceId value and click Invoke Method.