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VMware Site Recovery Manager is a minor product patch release that provides bug fixes and improvements. The content of the VMware Site Recovery Manager 8.8 Release Notes applies to this version as well.

What's New in Site Recovery Manager

  • The VMware Site Recovery Manager Express Patch provides bug fixes.

Installation and Upgrade

For information about installing and upgrading Site Recovery Manager, see Site Recovery Manager Installation and Configuration.

For the supported upgrade paths for Site Recovery Manager, select Upgrade Path and VMware Site Recovery Manager in the VMware Product Interoperability Matrices.

If you are running Site Recovery Manager 8.8, upgrade to Site Recovery Manager See Upgrading Site Recovery Manager in Site Recovery Manager 8.8 Installation and Configuration for instructions about upgrading Site Recovery Manager.

If you use vSphere Replication with Site Recovery Manager 8.8, upgrade the vSphere Replication appliance to version See the vSphere Replication Release Notes for information about vSphere Replication


  • If the vCenter Server instances on the protected and recovery sites are in Enhanced Linked Mode, they must be direct replication partners. Otherwise, upgrade might fail.

Resolved Issues

  • New - Running a failover of Virtual Volumes protection groups might fail

    When there are many virtual machines in a Virtual Volumes fault domain, the moId of some of the virtual machines has a common prefix, for example, vm-12 and vm-123, causing Site Recovery Manager to fail to match the correct storage profile. As a result the failover operation fails.

    This issue is fixed in Site Recovery Manager

  • New - Site Recovery Manager request for query sync status shows incorrect tag in the XML for ongoing sync use case

    There is an issue in the XML structure for querying the sync status. Instead of the <ConsistencyGroups> tag, the XML shows the <TargetGroups> tag.

    <TargetGroup key="xxx.r12121" syncId="ongoing_syncing-xxx.r12121" />

    This issue is fixed in Site Recovery Manager

  • New - Reprotect is failing for Recovery Plans with NVMe/TCP and NVMe/FC devices

    The issue is caused by the CopyDeviceIdentity function which does not copy the NVMe specific data to the StorageDeviceBaseDBObject.

    This issue is fixed in Site Recovery Manager

  • New - Upgrade to Site Recovery Manager 8.8 fails with an error

    When you attempt to perform a chain upgrade from an earlier version of Site Recovery Manager, for example from version 8.3 to version 8.8, the upgrade might fail with an error.

    Operation Failed: Failed to install update.

    The logs located in /opt/vmware/var/log/vami/updatecli.log show the following:

    Error: Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'VMware Photon Linux 3.0 (x86_64)' from ''1. package xml-security-c-1.7.3-4.ph2.x86_64 requires, but none of the providers can be installed.

    Alternatively, the appliance might fail to boot displaying the following error.

    Loading Linux 4.19.182-2.ph3 ...

    error: file '/vmlinuz-4.19.182-2.ph3' not found.

    Loading initial ramdisk ...

    error: you need to load the kernel first.

    This issue is fixed in Site Recovery Manager

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