If you use Site Recovery Manager Appliance with array-based replication and you need to replace a Storage Replication Adapter (SRA), you can download the configuration archive for this SRA and then import the configuration into the replacement SRA.


To download an SRA configuration file and import it into another SRA, you must use SRAs obtained from the same vendor.


  1. Log in to the Site Recovery Manager Appliance Management Interface as admin.
  2. Click the Storage Replication Adapters tab.
  3. Select the appropriate Storage Replication Adapter card and click the drop-down menu (Elipsis vertical drop-down icon.).
    Option Description
    Download Configuration Archive Download the configuration archive for the selected SRA.
    Upload Configuration Archive Import a configuration for the selected SRA.
    1. Navigate to the directory where you saved the SRA configuration archive file and select it. The configuration files are distributed as .tar.gz archives.
    2. Click Open.