This method retrieves the virtual machines currently associated with a specified vSphere Replication protection group.

For the method to get a list of protection groups, see ListProtectionGroups.


vim.VirtualMachine[] listAssociatedVms( )

VirtualMachine[] is an array listing the associated virtual machines.


  • RuntimeFault
  • vmodl.fault.NotSupported, if this protection group is not a VR group.

For information about the faults that Site Recovery Manager throws, see Faults in Site Recovery Manager API.

Example for ListAssociatedVms

List < ManagedObjectReference > vms = srmPortType.listAssociatedVms(ManagedObjectReference _this);

Where ManagedObjectReference _this = _protectionGroupRef;
where _protectionGroupRef can be taken from:
  SrmServiceInstanceContent content = _srmPortType.retrieveContent(_svcRef);
ManagedObjectReference _protectionRef = content.getProtection();
List < ManagedObjectReference > groups = srmPortType.listProtectionGroups(_protectionRef);
_protectionGroupRef = groups.get(0);