Reconfigures the recovery location settings for the specified protected VM. This method should be invoked on the protection site only.


@task void reconfigureRecoveryLocationSettings(ProtectedVm protectedVm, RecoveryLocationSettings recoveryLocationSettings)
reconfigureRecoveryLocationSettings has he following parameters:
Field Description
protectedVm The protected VM which settings will be updated. For more information, see ProtectVms.
recoveryLocationSettings The new settings to apply. For more information, see ProtectVms.

ReconfigureRecoveryLocationSettings returns the drextapi.Task. For more information, see SrmExtApiTask.

If a task fails, its error field may contain one of the following:
  • vim.fault.ConcurrentAccess if another operation has modified the object and the change version no longer matches.
  • drextapi.fault.InvalidState if the state of the protected VM is not 'active'.
  • drextapi.fault.DeviceBackingConflict if the caller specified a device locator, or explicitly excluded, a device which the provider would like to protect.


  • InvalidArgument
  • InvalidState
  • RuntimeFault

See Faults in Site Recovery Manager API for more details.