Spring Boot for VMware GemFire provides the convenience of Spring Boot’s convention over configuration approach by using auto-configuration with Spring Framework’s powerful abstractions and highly consistent programming model to simplify the development of VMware GemFire applications in a Spring context.

This project is a continuation and a logical extension to Spring Data for VMware GemFire’s Annotation-based configuration model, and the goals set forth in that model:

To enable application developers to get up and running as quickly, reliably, and as easily as possible.

In fact, Spring Boot for GemFire automatically applies auto-configuration to several key use cases including, but not limited to:

  • Cache-Aside, [Async] Inline, Near and Multi-Site Caching
  • System of Record (SOR)
  • Transactions
  • Distributed Computations
  • Continuous Queries
  • Data Serialization
  • Data Initialization
  • Spring Boot Actuator
  • HTTP Session state management

This initial set of documentation is meant to get users up and running quickly with Spring Boot for VMware GemFire.

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