Configuring the Errands

The Spring Cloud Gateway tile includes two colocated lifecycle errands. You can view these in Ops Manager by visiting the Installation Dashboard, clicking the Spring Cloud Gateway tile, and then navigating to the Errands pane.

Configure Lifecycle Errands

Spring Cloud Gateway includes one post-deploy errand and one pre-delete errand. These errands can be individually set to always run (On) or to never run (Off).

Important: To ensure that your VMware Tanzu foundation receives important updates to the tile, VMware recommends that all Spring Cloud Gateway lifecycle errands be set to On.

Errand Purposes

The register-brokers errand registers the Spring Cloud Gateway service broker with the Cloud Controller and makes the Spring Cloud Gateway service's service plans available to all orgs. The upgrade-all-instances errand upgrades all existing Spring Cloud Gateway service instances to the version included in the latest installed tile. The destroy-brokers errand deletes all orgs and spaces specific to Spring Cloud Gateway and deregisters the Spring Cloud Gateway service broker from the Cloud Controller.

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