Spring Cloud Gateway for VMware Tanzu provides access to the logs generated by each p.gateway service instance. You can view these logs either using the Service Instance Logs cf CLI plugin.

Using the cf CLI Plugin

After installing the Service Instance Logs cf CLI plugin (see the instructions in the Installing section of the plugin's README), you can use the service-logs command to tail logs or dump recent logs for a service instance.

To tail logs for a Gateway service instance, run cf service-logs SERVICE_NAME, where SERVICE_NAME is the name of the service instance:

$ cf service-logs my-gateway

To dump recent logs for the instance, use the --recent flag:

$ cf service-logs --recent my-gateway

If your VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs deployment uses a self-signed certificate, you must use the --skip-ssl-validation flag to disable the default validation of the platform's SSL certificate:

$ cf service-logs --skip-ssl-validation my-gateway
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