Circuit Breaker Dashboard provides Spring apps with an implementation of the Circuit Breaker pattern. Cloud-native architectures are typically composed of multiple layers of distributed services. End-user requests may comprise multiple calls to these services, and if a lower-level service fails, the failure can cascade up to the end user and spread to other dependent services. Heavy traffic to a failing service can also make it difficult to repair. Using Circuit Breaker Dashboard, you can prevent failures from cascading and provide fallback behavior until a failing service is restored to normal operation.

Circuit Breaker Illustration

When applied to a service, a circuit breaker watches for failing calls to the service. If failures reach a certain threshold, it "opens" the circuit and automatically redirects calls to the specified fallback mechanism. This gives the failing service time to recover.

Circuit Breaker Dashboard is based on Hystrix, Netflix's latency and fault-tolerance library. For more information about Hystrix and about the Circuit Breaker pattern, see Additional Resources.

Refer to the sample apps in the "traveler" repository to follow along with code in this section.

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