This topic provides an overview of Spring Cloud Services for VMware Tanzu v2.1.


Spring Cloud Services currently provides the following services.

Service Type Current Version
Config Server 20
Service Registry 20
Circuit Breaker Dashboard 20

See below for the Spring Cloud Services releases that include each service version.

Service Version Tile Version
10 1.5.x
20 2.0.x--2.1.x

Product Snapshot

Element Details
Version 2.1.10
Release Date 15 December 2021
Software Component Version Spring Cloud Finchley.SR2
Compatible MySQL for VMware Tanzu Version 2.5.x and later
Compatible RabbitMQ for VMware Tanzu Version 1.6.0 and later
Compatible Ops Manager Version(s) 2.6.x and later
Compatible VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS) Version(s) 2.6.x and later
Supported IaaS All supported by TAS


Spring Cloud Services for VMware Tanzu has the following requirements:

  • Java Cloud Foundry buildpack version 4.5 or later (if the default Java buildpack is not at version 4.5 or later, you must specify an alternate buildpack that is at version 4.5 or later when installing Spring Cloud Services; see Set Buildpack for Service Instances)
  • A MySQL service (VMware recommends MySQL for VMware Tanzu for use with Spring Cloud Services)
  • RabbitMQ for VMware Tanzu (for information about isolating the RabbitMQ cluster used for Spring Cloud Services, see Running SCS on a Dedicated RabbitMQ Cluster in the RabbitMQ for VMware Tanzu documentation)
    • If you wish to use the Circuit Breaker Dashboard service, you must enable the RabbitMQ for VMware Tanzu product's p-rabbitmq pre-provisioned service (which uses multi-tenant VMs)
  • A single TAS SSL certificate (see the TAS documentation for information about configuring the SSL certificate) that includes the following domains, where SYS_DOMAIN.TLD is your TAS foundation's system domain and APP_DOMAIN.TLD is your TAS foundation's application domain:
    • *.login.SYS_DOMAIN.TLD
    • *.uaa.SYS_DOMAIN.TLD
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