You can upgrade Spring Cloud Services for VMware Tanzu v3.x to the latest version.

Upgrading from SCS v3.0-v3.1 to SCS v3.2

In SCS v3.2, Config Server uses main as default label, instead of master in earlier versions. If all your service instances are configured with a label explicitly, the upgrade can be done simply by running upgrade-all-instances errand during 3.2.x tile installation or after. But if the service instances have been relying on the default value (master) for the label, you need to take the following actions before running the upgrade-all-instances errand:

  • Git backends: You can rename the master branch to main or create a new branch called main from the master branch. Alternatively, you can update all service instances by setting label to master explicitly.

  • CredHub backends: You need to update all secrets by replacing master with main in their path.

Insufficient Space errors upon upgrading to SCS v3.2

SCS v3.2 utilizes the Jammy stemcell, which is larger than the now-unsupported Xenial stemcell in v3.1. Some customers have encountered upgrade errors due to lack of disk space.

In addition to increasing available space on the underlying diego cells, it can be helpful to upgrade at a slower rate than the standard 5 concurrent upgrades via the upgrade-all-instances errand, either by upgrading sequentially via cf update-service <SI> -c '{"upgrade": true}' or setting the upgrade count to a smaller number through the "concurrent service instance upgrade" setting.

It is also sometimes necessary to restart the backing applications after an instance upgrade has failed to completely clear the failed upgrade status before retrying.

Service changes in 3.0+

Spring Cloud Services v3.x includes a new Service Registry service, named p.service-registry instead of p-service-registry as in earlier versions. It also includes a new Config Server service, named p.config-server instead of p-config-server as in earlier versions.

The p.config-server service can be offered alongside, but does not replace, earlier versions of Config Server. VMware recommends deactivating the older p-config-server service after installing Spring Cloud Services v3.1 (which includes the p.config-server service).

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