Spring Session

Spring Session for VMware GemFire provides an implementation of the core Spring Session framework using VMware GemFire to manage a user’s Session information by leveraging Spring Data for VMware GemFire.

By integrating with VMware GemFire, you have the full power of this technology (Strong Consistency, Low Latency, High Availability, Resiliency, etc.) at your fingertips in your Spring Boot or Spring Data applications.

Spring Session for VMware GemFire provides transparent integration with:

  • HttpSession: Enables the HttpSession to be clustered without being tied to an application container-specific solution.

  • REST API: Allows the session ID to be provided in the protocol header to work with RESTful APIs.

  • WebSocket: Provides the ability to keep the HttpSession alive when receiving WebSocket messages.

  • WebSession: Allows replacing the Spring WebFlux’s WebSession in an application container neutral way.

Spring Session replaces the javax.servlet.http.HttpSession in an application container neutral way by supplying a more common and robust session implementation backing the HttpSession.

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